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Emergency Services Get Straight to the Point

The precise locations of every Police, Fire and Ambulance station in the country, over 5000 in all, are just some of the new features now available in Britain's most comprehensive database of Points of Interest. Following many months of research and production effort, PointX is pleased to announce the latest release of its highly accurate database containing more than 750 types of features ranging from airports to amusement parks, hospitals to hotels, petrol stations to pubs and restaurants to railway stations.

"Identifying and liaising with more than 130 organisations in the emergency services arena has been a fascinating exercise" reports Colin McKinnon, Commercial Manager at PointX, "and we are now able to identify the precise locations of more than 2200 police stations, 1900 fire stations and 900 ambulance stations including their respective headquarters and regional facilities. For the first time, we can visualise the exact relationship of these key services and assets on a national scale".

Bridges, tourist attractions, football league clubs and historic houses are amongst the other features that are also now available. Operations Manager, Ian Woolnough who is responsible for processing the data and keeping the database up-to-date said "With more than 3 million features to manage, we have designed a rigorous flowline that involves a mix of computerised and manual processing including quality assurance at key stages. It's appropriate that we now include bridges in the database because our task is just like painting the Forth Bridge - as soon as you get to the end, you have to go back and start again!"

As well as providing data to PointX, the public sector is also an important user of Points of Interest. For example, local authorities in Nottingham and Lancashire, and The Countryside Agency are using data to improve services to the citizen or to identify accessibility to corner shops, post offices and village stores, especially in rural areas. "We have been quite surprised by the range of applications for Points of Interest which includes tourism, navigation, command & control, logistics and map production", said Peter Staniczenko, Managing Director of PointX. "Our aim is to extend the categories of information available in response to what our customers are asking for. Accordingly, we plan to include cash machines, bus stops and bird sanctuaries in the next few months".