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PointX has announced that the March 2012 release will have two additional data fields in its output. The new fields will report Administrative Boundary and Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) information.

The Administrative Boundary data field indicates which Unitary Authority, District, London Borough or Metropolitan District the record in question is believed to belong to from the Ordnance Survey's Boundary-Line product. The full name of the administrative area is reported and all features will be assigned a value. Where a feature's grid reference falls within a boundary that is what will be assigned although in some cases this will not necessarily be the body that is responsible for the feature. Where features fall outside defined extents then a value of the nearest authority will be reported.

The introduction of a UPRN is designed to complement the recently announced National Address Gazetteer (NAG). Within the National Address Gazetteer UPRNs are uniquely assigned to each unit of land and properties by local government and their inclusion will allow users to link PointX information on this. Records will either be assigned full 11 or 12 digit UPRNs or will be Null as appropriate. Note: This field may not be populated to start with but is there in readiness for population.