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PointX starts transition to new trade data supplier

PointX is pleased to announce that it will begin switching to a new commercial data supply from Market Location (118 Data Resources) in June 2008. This will be the start of a phased swap out of the current supply from Thomson Business Directories.

Phil Alder (General Manager, PointX) says, “It is always good business practice to assess a companies needs especially at times when licence/contract renewals are approaching. This has been such a time for us and so we have done our due diligence to source the best data for our needs and those of our customers. Thomson have been an excellent business partner from the very beginning of our company and we thank them for all their support but we feel it is now appropriate to make this change,”

“Although not a household name, Market Location is well positioned to supply us with first rate trade data and, perhaps more importantly, be able to respond swiftly to satisfy our unique requirements in a true partnership manner.”

The phased roll-out will be by classification Groups starting with “Eating, Drinking and Accommodation.” This roll-out is expected to be completed over a 12 to 15-month period.

Ian Woolnough (Development Manager, PointX) says, “Although we do not expect to see massive changes in the numbers of records that get reported as a result of this transition there should be a small but significant increase overall. Within the individual PointX classes, our most granular level of reporting, numbers could however vary significantly. This is because the same business can be classified or viewed as having a different primary activity by the two trade data suppliers, Market Location and Thomson, and this dictates where records get reported in the PointX system. Of course in the majority of cases any business record will be reported in the same PointX class and end users will notice no difference. Perhaps a bigger difference will be in how trade records are named as we have found that Market Location data is generally more expansive and slightly more current than is the case with Thomson.”