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PointX expands supporting documentation

Having a unique, detailed “all encompassing” classification system can be a little daunting for new or potential users of PointX data. In order to help with the understanding of the “what is where” and linking of PointX data to other information which users might hold, PointX has produced some detailed supporting documentation to help. This includes a commentary at PointX class level showing what terms and major brand names are reported in each class whilst another document gives SIC 2003 and SIC 2007 codes which apply to each PointX class.

“With the wealth of Points of Interest types that PointX reports it was felt important to assist users in whatever ways we could to understand where records are going to be classified and how the PointX classification system fits with other classification standards that users might already have access to” said Ian Woolnough the PointX Development Manager. Building on earlier documentation linking into Local Government Business category List version 1.00 and detail of data providers contributing to PointX this documentation is expected to add even more value for customers.