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PointX appoints new Directors

With the retirement of Duncan Shiell and the departure of Ed Parsons, Ordnance Survey has appointed James Brayshaw and Peter ter Haar to the board of PointX alongside their Finance Director, Alastair Matthews.

“This is great news for PointX” said Phil Alder, General Manager. “Apart from being a parent company Ordnance Survey is also our sole distributor. Having their Director of Sales and Market Development together with their Director of Products on the PointX board has got to be good news for the company. I am sure they will contribute keenly to our development from both product development and market requirement perspectives whilst ensuring the synergy with Ordnance Survey is maintained and fostered.”

Duncan Shiell was a founder Director of PointX and was a key facilitator in the Joint Venture Partnership between Ordnance Survey and Landmark Information Group. Our thanks and best wishes go to Duncan in his retirement.