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Revised Classification System Announced

Classification systems are seldom perfect and are subject to change on a fairly regular basis. The PointX classification system is no different. Most of the time it is possible to make very minor amendments that would go unnoticed but occasionally, as now, changes become of somewhat greater significance.

As of September 2006 the most obvious change will be the reduction in the number of Groups (the highest level of classification) from 10 down to 9. This is down to the removal of the “Wholesale” Group. Customer feedback and our own analysis have shown that features found in this group had similar features in both the Manufacturing & Production and Retail Groups.

These changes should ensure like for like features are located together.

Other changes have been necessary to incorporate new data being sourced from VisitBritain. This data will improve the PointX holding for both accommodation and tourist attractions. More news on this dataset will be announced soon.

The delivery format of the PointX data will be unchanged so customers need not worry on that front.

Ian Woolnough (PointX Development Manager) says, “this revision of the PointX classification system builds upon the existing concept of holding a wide range of business activities and landscape features, both natural and man made, within a 3 tiered classification system. The amendments themselves are aimed at making the system simpler to use and even more consistent than was previously the case. With new datasets being incorporated into PointX a revision of the classification system was required anyway and we have just taken this a step further to ensure that customers have access to a system that is even better suited to their needs.”

A pdf of the new classification system in place from the September 2006 PointX release can be downloaded here.