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New Data source for Post Offices

PointX is pleased to announce that it will be improving its holding of Post Office locations throughout Great Britain thanks to the inclusion of data from the Post Office itself. Previously the data provided was sourced from two key suppliers namely Thomson Business Directories and Ordnance Survey mapping (where “PO” is marked on a map.) The issue of taking this kind of data off a map is the frequency of change. One only has to read the news to understand that the rationalisation of Post Offices is an ongoing process therefore, PointX believes, it is prudent to update ones own supply with the most accurate data it can, i.e. direct from source.

Phil Alder, General Manager of PointX Ltd, says “Whilst we strive to be as complete and accurate as possible with all our data, there are certain areas where we are particularly keen to shine. Health and education are two very key areas and we recognise the Post Office infrastructure in a similar vein. Post Offices have an important role in society as, amongst other things, they are often used as a conduit for the Government to issue and receive payments for its various departments. We are, therefore, extremely pleased to include this data in our offering.”

For further information contact Phil Alder on 01392 685 420 or e-mail: philip.alder@pointx.co.uk