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PointX is pleased to include two additional sources of transport related information.

The National Public Transport Access Nodes dataset (or NaPTAN for short) provided by the Department for Transport will eventually include all public transport access points with a domestic destination. To date over a third of a million records have been collected nationwide, these are primarily Bus Stops although some Taxi Ranks have also been captured. In time all Taxi Ranks, Airports, Ferry Ports, Railway, Tram and Metro stations will be available in the NaPTAN supply. This is the most comprehensive holding of Bus Stop information available and, when the ongoing data collection has been completed, will be the definitive source for all types of public transport access nodes in Great Britain. PointX already holds many of these features from various other sources but believes this single source will be a major benefit to its data holding.

Transport for London has also provided every station on the London Underground network and this definitive data holding is now also available within PointX from a single source.

For further information contact Phil Alder on 01392 685 420 or e-mail: philip.alder@pointx.co.uk