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PointX delivers Version 2 of its Points of Interest database.

Having announced its intention to deliver an improved release of its pioneering Points of Interest database in Q1 2004, PointX starts shipping Version 2 of its offering before the close of January 2004.

Version 2 of the PointX dataset minimises the number of duplicate records from the original offering and improves the nature of the data provided. For example, in Version 1 a Chemist may have been provided at the same location by 3 different sources and that is exactly what would have been provided to the customer. It is fair to assume that there is 'likely to be', in fact, just the one Chemist and that is what PointX now seeks to provide. If a customer wished to carry out any statistical analysis on the data in Version 1 it is quite possible that the results could be/would be questionable unless a considerable degree of effort was employed to cleanse the duplicates!

A further improvement has been made to the naming of points of interest. For example, in Version 1 if a school is known to be at a given location but the name of that school was not known, then the name would be provided as "Not Supplied". In Version 2 effort has been made to provide the name as, minimally, "School" or, if slightly more information is known, perhaps, "Secondary School". This clearly improves the understanding of the data until such time that the full details can be confirmed.

"One of the prime objectives of this new release was to deliver an 'easy to use', 'out of the box' offering," said Phil Alder, General Manager. "Our technical team have done a marvellous job in producing this product in a very aggressive timescale. Whilst we recognise more can be done to improve our offering still further, I am confident that our customers will welcome the changes we have made and we look forward to receiving their feedback."

For further information contact Phil Alder on 01392 685 420 or e-mail: philip.alder@pointx.co.uk