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PointX Releases Improved Data

PointX Ltd today announced a substantially improved release of its pioneering points-of-interest database, covering the whole of Mainland Britain, including a number of modifications proposed by enthusiastic early adopters, including the cartographers, Lovell John, and the location-based-services specialist, M-Spatial. This enhanced database will be shipping in Q1 2004.

PointX's General Manager, Phil Alder, said he believed the new release would satisfy a much wider spectrum of users than the original, "which required a substantial investment of effort by our customers, more than many were willing to commit. The new release is ready to wear, out of the box."

The original product included a large number of duplicated features, reflecting the fact that the source data was supplied by a number of different data owners. Technical Director James Cadoux Hudson said, "The idea was to provide users with as much flexibility as possible, but we may have given them too many choices."

A massive de-duplication exercise has now been undertaken and automated procedures are being put in place to maintain the data to a high standard. PointX was formed out of a joint venture between Ordnance Survey and Landmark Information Group, and both parents are committed to providing a product that reflects their own high quality standards.

For further information contact Phil Alder on 01392 685 420 or e-mail: philip.alder@pointx.co.uk